Every generation is important for your business

Only successful team play between all age groups leads to the greatest value being gained for your organization, as the experience and knowledge of older and younger team members is brought together, and new potential is tapped.

Our Generation and Succession Management service supports you in the effective teamwork between generations, and thereby provides an important contribution to your company’s successful development.

We take a detailed look at your human resource structure and the upcoming changes therein, as we analyze the age spread and the competency structure of your company. We purposefully attend to succession plans when a generational turnover is at hand. This can be done for various hierarchical levels.

In this turnover process, a central area of concern for us is that a comprehensive transfer of knowledge takes place from one generation to the next, thus ensuring that proven knowledge, acquired over long periods of time, is secured for the future. Through our close involvement, we support on the one hand the readiness to pass on existing knowledge, on the other the openness to accept and optimally assimilate it.

We value a clear, objective review of all employees involved in the process as it relates to the task at hand. As externals, we have an „outsider’s perspective“, free from biased opinions and untainted by daily routines.

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